Material Handling, Dewatering & Beach Reclamation
Trident Dredging and Marine can provide services for dewatering and sludge, sediment and silt removal projects. We are dedicated to providing environmentally sound solutions to sediment dewatering and sludge management problems. Our services include shoreline protection and erosion control.  Projects can include; GeoTextile tubes, dredging site preparation and shoreline land reclamation.  GeoTextile tubes are used for beach reclamation and shoreline development.


Environmental dredging and desilting can include cleaning pollutants from rivers, lakes canals or reservoirs as well as removal of aquatic vegetation that has built up. We can also remove silt or sand buildup from harbors, rivers, lakes and channels and inland waterways.

Trident with its multipurpose Amphibex is able to offer hydraulic cutter head suction and mechanical dredging capabilities all in one package. This allows Trident to quickly change between dredging functions for an efficient, tailored, eco-system sensitive operation. Our dredging services can be coupled with GeoTextile Tubes for clean and efficient material handling.