Affordable Dredging

Affordable Dredging and Lake Deepening
In standing up Trident, we have listened to many engineers, project managers and acquaintances tell of needing dredging to accomplish lake enhancement or river revitalization. Yet, the job estimates came in as unreasonable or vastly expensive.  Also we have heard horror stories of draining a lake and resulting prolonged negative site effects from this approach. Trident managers is believe we are on the cutting edge of delivering affordable dredging and lake revitalization to clients.  There are many aquatic maintenance projects in search of the right tool and affordability that have been postponed, hindering water quality and enjoyment.  By using the Amphibex and its unique features, we can deliver projects at more reasonable and affordable cost for clients.

Contact us for dredging cost estimates, invitation for estimate (IFE), and requests for bids.   We are currently accepting dredging invitations for proposals.  Call us today 910-633-5002.