Following the European conservation and marine construction model, Trident takes the approach that environmentally conscious and able to do more with less is the better way to go. Trident is a first-of-its-kind company build around equipment selected for reducing the impact upon the environment while being able to accomplish more tasks with a single machine.

Specializing In Shallow Water High Volume Dredging and Marine Construction Tasks  Watch This Video:

Trident Dredging is a construction contractor based in Washington, North Carolina. We provide municipal, industrial, residential and commercial aquatic excavation and construction services all over the United States. We specialize in maintenance dredging and water-scape enhancement of:

High Capacity Dredge

High Capacity Dredge

  • Marinas
  • Containment Ponds
  • Lakes
  • Canals
  • Industrial Intakes and Outtakes
  • Rushing Water Features

Trident has taken a new approach.  Whereas other hydraulic dredge companies rely on a single-purpose dredge, Trident can deploy its state-of-the-art multipurpose excavation and construction platform to a jobsite to cover a wider range of performance requirements. The Amphibex is simply a better improved tool for the accomplishment of aquatic excavation and revitalization projects.

The dredge’s modern performance provides Trident with capabilities unmatched by others. The excavator’s features enable Trident to bring dredging and water feature enhancement where heretofore, it was thought too costly, too difficult or unavailable. For the client, the bottom line is these enhanced capabilities translate into our ability to accomplish more, at lower operational costs, with less site disruption and quicker project completion.

One Versatile Machine for Various Shallow Water Applications

  • Mobile in places unreachable by most machinery
  • Wide variety of work attachments enables numerous proven applications
  • Works independently – no need for assisting vessels, cranes, winches or wire cables
  • Reduces transportation and setup costs which translates into lower project costs
  • Rough and rushing water capability up to 18 feet in depth

Interchangeable Construction and Dredging Attachments

  • Horizontal cutter suction butcket
  • Environmental excavating bucket [used for enclosed removal of polluted or contaminated material]
  • Wood shredding dredge head
  • Rock, rip rap, boulder placement bucket
  • Hydraulic demolition hammer
  • Vegetation and snag removal rake